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Fellow of the Month: Sanni Sheu-Ahmad (Interview)

The pioneer cohort of the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy is packed with the most brilliant and astute minds you can think of. Coming from a diverse range of cultural, professional and experiential backgrounds, they all individually bring a unique spice that cannot be compared to anyone else. We would like to bring you into their world; who are they, what interests them, how do they feel, what are they looking forward to?

Therefore, welcome to our Fellow of the Week series! This week, we shine the light on Sanni Sheu-Ahmad, an award-winning emerging tech leader with a degree in Education Technology from the University of Ilorin, and commendable experience in the development and education sectors.

How has your experience at the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy been so far? What has been the most exciting or rewarding part of this month for you?

It has been a thrilling, challenging and exciting experience so far. It’s been like entering a whole new world.

Can you share a memorable moment or interaction with your fellow associates or faculty that has made a positive impact on your experience at the academy?

Well, I am still getting to meet and know people. Hence, nothing deep as such. However, the level of maturity I have seen in my interactions with my colleagues has been so impressive. One night, we had a reason to ‘eat the frog’ and I was apprehensive about how we would navigate the discussion when emotions ran high. But at the peak of emotions, we all still let civility prevail. No use of foul language, no personal attacks, things did not degenerate into physical confrontation and on top of it all, we were able to find the root cause of the matter and proffer a solution. The meeting that night renewed my hope in Nigerian youths because that’s what this cohort represents – young people from all parts of this country who have a common goal

Are there any specific goals or aspirations you have set for yourself during your time at the academy, and how do you plan to achieve them?

No. I’ll let nature take its course and rather live each day and each session as it comes.

How has the academy influenced your perspective on leadership and governance? Has it changed your approach or mindset in any way?

Before I knew Governance, my leadership journey had been a long way coming. I also knew Lagos quite well before now. What I am just getting to know is the Lagos template for achieving great feats where most states fear to venture. And yes I have seen a few wild cards in their economic planning process, financial responsibility, the alternate funding options that they explore, and so much more.

What challenges have you faced so far and how have you handled them, or how do you intend to handle them?

Quite a handful of challenges, but fortunately the academy has been supportive in all ramifications and so has been my ministry of posting. They have supplied me with all the resources I will need to be able to function optimally despite my weak background in Macroeconomics and Public Finance. So in all, there is no challenge that has not been sorted.

Is there any particular aspect or topic you are looking forward to exploring further in the upcoming month? What are your expectations for the next phase of your journey at the academy?

Yes, so much to look forward to. I look forward to getting practical insights into how parties with conflicting interests in the polity are reconciled and made to compromise for the progress of the state. I would like to get an insider account of how they provide leadership in times of crisis, giving tips that are replicable.

I want to learn the ways to corporate branding and how to attract investors and partners to the parastatal, MDA or a state where I lead. I want to gain knowledge into getting the best out of traditional civil servants. I could go on and on. In the next phase of the program, I look forward to witnessing the political and governmental climates in more advanced countries.

What advice or tips would you give to future associates who will be joining the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy?

Uhmm… Show genuine interest in Development and draw great lessons from whatever experience you have there. Research more about Governance, Economics and Nigeria’s sociopolitical landscape. Study Lagos and find out about the Assessment Centre.

Final words

Thanks to His Excellency, the Governor of Lagos State, the management and Faculty at the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budgets.

About Sanni Sheu-Ahmad:

Sanni Sheu-Ahmad is an emerging tech leader with a passion for using tech to solve social challenges. He is an Educational Technology graduate of the prestigious University of Ilorin. He has more than seven years of experience in Education and Human Capital Development involving classroom teaching, school management, teacher training, educational advocacy and consultancy.

He is the Co-founder and Lead Consultant at Dotted and Kruxd Educational Consult. He was a 2018 fellow of Teach for Nigeria and he is a Fellow of The ROOM fellowship of Africa Leadership Forum. He has received meritorious awards in the education space having worked with Donor agencies and Educational Authorities to improve the quality of public education in Ijebu East local government of Ogun State and in 3 LGAs in Kwara state. “Sanity”, as he is fondly called, stands out because of his knack for bringing normalcy into chaotic situations.

He is a seasoned social entrepreneur with records of community impact programs/ projects from the Apapa Local Government of Lagos to Ukum Local Government of Benue State. He is a Data Scientist, Academic Researcher and an exceptional Public Speaker. He loves volunteering, travelling and Sports.