At LJLA it is all about Leadership Training.

Fellows will shadow Executive Council Members in the ministries or agencies they are posted to. This would enable them to conveniently develop and implement solutions in their various postings.Fellows will be expected to have a profound sense of purpose regardless of scale and scope of challenge.

Work Experience

Work experience involves shadowing Lagos State Cabinet members and this will be done on a rotational basis after 6 months into the program. Fellows will hold the position of Special Assistants in their various MDAs and will be required to send monthly reports to the Governor through the Fellowship coordinator.

Leadership Development

This component will comprise, amongst other things, the following: Brown-Bag Series, Fireside Chat, Leadership Seminar, Personalized Coaching and Continuous multi-source feedback

Community Service

Fellows will commit to carrying out a high impact leadership project of their own choice. It will be a community transformative project. Fellows will work together yearly on a major impactful, people-centered project which is capable of improving the lives of Lagosians. And the project must be implemented within the one-year duration.

Fellowship Network

The Fellowship will create an alumnus of highly potential youth network. Fellows will benefit from formal and informal peer-to-peer coaching and learning opportunities. The aim is to promote unity despite our nation’s diversity and promoting national integration, ultimately cultivating social consciousness, shared vision and creating a strong network.